Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Landhi Town’s Rs577.528m budget presented

Nazim Landhi Town, Mohammed Hameed yesterday presented Rs577.528m budget for the fiscal 2009-10 showing an expenditure of Rs575.406m and a surplus of Rs2.122m.
The budget shows an income of Rs437.50m from Sindh Government, Rs77.950m from City Government, Rs57.749m from its own sources besides an opening balance of Rs4.329m.
According to non-develop budget Rs248.320m will be spent on salaries of the staff, Rs62.786m on contingencies and Rs9.7m on repairs and maintenance.
Under the development budget, Rs132.428m will be spent on sanitation, Rs190.286m on communication, Rs60.865m on Electrical-Mechanical, Rs80.344m on construction and repair of parks and Rs111.483m on municipal services.
Acting Nazim Landhi Town told a media briefing that Sindh Government had provided Rs378.215m as Zila Tax during 2008-09 which has been increased to Rs427.500m.
He pointed out that the Government has increased the salaries by 20pc while our budget has increased by only 13pc and Sindh Government will be requested to increase the Zila Tax further in view of this.
He said that the estimates worked out for 2008-09 faced a shortfall of Rs40m as a result of which our development schemes were affected but still we tried to solve the problems of people on our own. He gave details of such schemes. -APP